Tuesday, 25 October 2016


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Friday, 2 September 2016

BRAND NEW VIDS (made August 2016) 11 videos !!!

Hi Everyone, I am back making videos been a while I have made it up to you guys and girls by making 11 videos last month nice and fresh !! amazing new videos very fun and horny and all nice and TANNED !! email me to purchase (willwrightmodel@gmail.com thank you. Video 48 Horny (35 minutes long) Very hot video fun sexy and horny here is the stuff i do in the video ! Stripping from trackies, top and tracksuit top flexing licking arm pits posing talking dirty fingering ass 1 finger 2 finger and 3 fingers. bending over in doggy style. spitting on my big fat cock wanking it hard. humping the bed been cocky big cum shot eat and swallow cum Video number 71 (four straight lads in hotel 1 hour long) Here we have 4 of us straight lads wanking off…. We strip off next to each other we shower together we spank each other we talk dirty we speak very dom to you out there who are our slaves ! there is cum shots from me, sam and connor ben does not produce a cum shot but is involved in the spanking been cocky and shower. I am all tanned with tan lines. this video is very hot and very fun a must have for your video collection. Enjoy. Video number 30 (cocky trio 40 mins long) Here me and my mates show off our big cocks for you staring 18 year old Sam, and my other mate as seen in number 44 and 69. we all strip off wank talk dirty cocky show off calling you names and slaves and making sure you come suck our big cocks lots of we flexing the muscles. me and ash are tanned with tan lines. all wank cum eat cum a very hot video a must have for your collection. Video Number 29,( Footy vs boxing 30 minutes long ) Starring me and kyle, kyle is a semi pro boxer in good shape and shows off for you guys and girls. Here we both strip off be cocky show off our big cocks talk dirty flex our muscles for you, produce nice big cum shots of for you, I cum 2 times in this video !! and both eat the cum. We are both tanned with tan lines. Number 40 Morning fun (30 minutes long) Starting in red shorts and black top i strip off poor moisuiteser all over me talking dirty and cocky throughout the video showing off the big tool flexing my muscles throughout. I am nice and tanned in this video with 2 hands around my cock wanking it nice and hard getting ready to produce a big cum shot. Video number 72 night wank (25 minutes long) Here I am feeling really horny before bed…. And I want to get dominate with you slaves and cash pigs out there… you need to pay your master your god money and that way your get to see me wank and cum ! I talk dirty/ dom throughout the video wanking my big fat cock very hard and fast this is a very hot video before I sleep. 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I then start wanking by big cock while talking dirty and produce a nice big THICK cum shot I then eat the cum up and swallow it all and put some on my face. Also I am all tanned with tan lines… A very hot video a must have for your collection !! Enjoy. Video number 73 bath/bedroom fun (30 minutes long) Here I start in the bath I am dirty and need to get clean but I want to get down and horny first.. I start off by fingering my whole getting all wet all over face hair everything soaking, I finger my ass for a bit in doggy and on my back, I show off my big floppy cock shave my ass whole with a razor to get it all nice and smooth like my young tight hole should be. I then go to my bedroom and start fingering again in different positions 2 fingers in my ass, I then start wanking in different angles…. 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Video Number 75 After beach wank time (30 minutes long) We are all tanned from the beach and so horny from all the sun we have had on our bodies…. in this video we Strip Massage each other with moisturiser Spank each other talk dirty throughout the video show FEET FLEX our muscles finger next to each other wank next to each other and do nice big thick cum shots !! then eat the cum up ! A must have this video is amazing and a must have for your collection. thank you enjoy.